Focus group: What should researchers measure?

Are you…

Planning a pregnancy / pregnant in the last 5 years?
– Living with 2 or more long-term physical or mental health conditions 
(eg hypertension, diabetes, asthma, eczema, depression, anxiety, etc)?  

We would like to invite you to join an online Focus Group. We want to hear your views on what researchers should measure in studies of pregnant women & birthing people with multiple health conditions.

This is part of a bigger study to develop a Core Outcome Set.

What is a Core Outcome Set?

Researchers measure outcomes to understand what impact a health condition or an intervention has on a person.

Core Outcome Set is a list of outcomes that should be reported in all research studies for a specific health condition. It is agreed by people with the health condition, their health care professionals and researchers. If all studies for a health condition report the same types of outcomes, the results can be compared and combined.

Watch this short video on Core Outcome Set:

Why is it important?

We would like to find out what outcomes are important to you, that should be reported in all future studies of pregnant women and birthing people with multiple health conditions. Having the Core Outcome Set ready will make it easier and encourage researchers to do studies in this area. 

What is involved?

You will be invited to take part in an online Focus Group hosted on Zoom lasting for 1.5 to 2 hours. You will be reimbursed with a £25 voucher. Each focus group will have 6-8 participants and 2-3 facilitators. You can bring along your partner / carer / a family member so they can join the discussion too (and they will also be reimbursed £25).

When will the Focus Group take place?

There are two dates:

Thursday, 10th February 20222000pm to 2200pmWomen or birthing people with multiple long-term conditions only
Tuesday, 8th March 20222000pm to 2200pmWomen / birthing people with multiple long-term conditions  

with their partner / a family member / carer

How do I get involved?

If you would like to take part, please email the research team at  

We’ll be in touch with next steps soon after that!

We can provide a separate session to talk through how to use Zoom if you have never used it before.

More information

COMET study registration:

Protocol published in BMJ Open:

Participant information sheet:

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