Christmas Quiz

Here at MuM-PreDiCT HQ, we do like a friendly quiz for Christmas.

Socialising (and sharing answers over a few drinks) may be limited this year, so here is our offering to while away the lazy afternoons whilst you digest turkey, roast potatoes, and sprouts. We’ve even included links to places you can find the answers.

Here’s to a COVID-19 free Christmas and a happy new year.


1) Name two of the three top research questions from our patient & public (PPI) advisory group.

2) MuM-PreDiCT is studying 79 long term health conditions – can you name 10 of them?

3) Why do we study both mild and serious health conditions?

4) Which 3 groups of individuals will we be speaking with to establish how care can be improved for women with 2 or more long-term physical or mental health conditions during pregnancy?(answer is on page 3 of the document)

5) What is a core outcome set?

 6) Who should be involved in the development of a core outcome set?

7) Among the several definitions for polypharmacy, how many medications are concurrently prescribed as a minimum?

8) What medication is prescribed the most among pregnant women?

9) MuM-PreDiCT is building risk prediction models to estimate the risk of developing 6 health conditions. Can you name 3 of these health conditions? (Answer at the end of the list)

10) What is the next MuM-PreDiCT study that I can get involved in?

Concept for this blog post: Rachel Plachcinski (women representative lead). Questions prepared by the MuM-PreDiCT team.

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