Research to improve care for pregnant women with two or more health conditions

A collaboration of eight universities across four countries in the UK

The Research

We’re developing research to study and improve maternity care for pregnant women who are managing two or more long-term health conditions. 


Multidisciplinary Team

Our team includes experts in Data Science, Obstetrics, Psychological Medicine, Primary Care and Public Health alongside women with experience of having two or more health conditions that presented before pregnancy. We are collaborating with eight academic institutions and NHS partners across all four countries in the UK, and supported by MRC and HDRUK.

• Keele University

• Queen’s University Belfast

• Swansea University

• The University of Manchester

• Ulster University 

• University of Aberdeen

• University of Birmingham

• University of St Andrews

• Aberdeen Maternity Hospital, NHS Grampian

• Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

• Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

• St Michael’s Hospital 


What challenges are we solving?

Some women live with two or more long-term health conditions. They may experience difficulties managing several health conditions and these challenges may increase during pregnancy.

With MuM-PreDiCT we aim to provide deeper understanding of what makes some pregnant women more likely to have two or more long-term health conditions and how this affects them and their children. This will help clinicians improve health services and tailor them to these women's specific needs.